This article may reference Continental Mapping, GISinc, or TSG Solutions. These three legacy companies merged in January 2021 to form a new geospatial leader.

GISinc's Steve Mulberry and Solution Engineer Tony Urquidi talk about the Cloud Business Continuity for ArcGIS Enterprise. 

GISinc has been helping and assisting our customers to deploy ArcGIS Enterprise for many years now both on-premise and in the cloud. And in each case, we typically discuss with the customer about Business Continuity and what that really means and how it impacts the deployment process.

It's so important for GISinc to understand the customers' requirements and Service Level Agreement or (SLA) they have in place with their clients before we deploy ArcGIS Enterprise, this helps with the infrastructure design process.

Terms to know - Business Continuity

  • High Availability:  Acceptable Downtime
  • Failover: Stand-by hardware and software (HW & SW) used to replace production
  • Active-Passive: Built from Failover concept, an inactive environment (HW & SW) ready to activate when production goes down
    • As a side note, Esri provides an active-passive license within core ArcGIS Enterprise deployment
  • Disaster Recovery: For example, what happens when a truck drives through the data center?

Hear all details, examples, and potential in the 5 minute VLOG: 


ArcGIS Enterprise - Cloud Business Continuity


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