GISinc's Steve Mulberry and Solution Engineer Zeb Steeby talk about Cloud migration process for ArcGIS Enterprise.

Types of Cloud Migration

  • Lift & Ship
  • Refactor - Efficiencies, Clean up
  • Rebuild

Components of Cloud Migration

  • Platform
  • Applications
  • Data

Methods for Migrating to the Cloud

  • Cloud Provided vs Esri Provided: AMIs, Instance, Cloud Builder, etc.
    • AWS - Snowball (images etc.)
  • 3rd Party: Migrating applications, portal items (users, groups, content), GeoJobe, EGDB Replication (Oracle to PostgreSQL)
  • Custom: Scripting Migration using python, exporting FGDB, Database Backup, WebGIS DR
Simple Migration Example
  • Create Cloud environment and ArcGIS Enterprise
  • Move Data & Applications to new environment (GeoJobe)

 See the full 9 minute VLOG for more information: 

ArcGIS Enterprise - Cloud Migration Tools


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