As some of you may know, our BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) at GISinc is to "Be the Premier GIS Firm to Work For and With". The "with" cannot be stressed enough when it comes to partners, which is why we are excited about receiving Esri's Federal Small Business Specialty.


Being a small business calls for us to frequently partner. So having the opportunity to be part of a community of GIS Small Business companies with proven technical and subject domain expertise, while growing with others to deliver quality GIS products and services to the government, is very appealing. What exactly is the value we see in Esri's Federal Small Business specialty?

  • It allows us to build on existing federal business through partnering
  • Provides quick access to potential partners with proven past performance and skill-sets
  • Allows for a greater diversification of contract options
  • Provides a means to meet small business goals
  • Deepen skills through hands-on workshops and training that target small business interests
  • Brings efficiencies in business development activities through repeat teaming

This is not a complete list but it's a good start! Are you a Small Business? Want to learn more? You'll find details right here.

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