Published October 18th, 2016 By Jeff Galang and Chris Blinn

GISinc - Taking You Places consists of a suite of applications and services from the ArcGIS platform, including ArcGIS Online, Collector for ArcGIS, and the GeoForm application template that allow data collection from our employee-owners. Additionally, Taking You Places includes a custom web application built using our own internal JavaScript framework, called SpinalMap, which displays the collected data in a web interface. Together, these technologies allow our employee-owners to share stories and images from across the world while promoting pride in our company!

ArcGIS Online technology allows GISinc to use cloud services offered by Esri to store data and host various applications that run the data collection and management pieces of the Taking You Places program. There are two applications for adding and updating content; a Collector for ArcGIS web map, and a GeoForm. On the backend, both of these solutions consume feature services in web maps, that allow for the editing functionality necessary to add and update content to Taking You Places.

Collector for ArcGIS is a mobile application available in Apple, Android, and Windows app stores. The mobile app lets users log into an organization account of ArcGIS Online, and edit content in web maps. The app uses the device's built in GPS for location tracking and has the ability to seamlessly integrate with a device's camera.

GeoForm is a template offered by ArcGIS Online to take an editing enabled layer in a web map, and turn it into a form-centric webpage. The webpage works on both computers and mobile devices. Within the GeoForm users can add content and images from their local computer or device.

Displaying all of the collected data is accomplished using SpinalMap, a Backbone.js/Bootstrap-flavored toolkit for working with web mapping applications built with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. SpinalMap provides reusable and extensible mapping components (that leverage Esri’s API) and a well-organized and configurable approach to web mapping development. The Taking You Places web application is a simple and fun way to visualize our company pride throughout the world.



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