As usual, the conference was well attended by a wide variety of water professionals reaching approximately 400 attendees. Here are a few of our favorite takeaways and quotes:

  1. Cost Map is a hit! GISinc introduced its new Cost Map for Water Utilities solution at the 2018 Esri Water Conference January 29 through February 1 in San Diego, CA. The product roll out and live demonstrations were well received by utility organizations as well as industry software providers looking to provide their customers with accurate cost data. GISinc heard from several attendees that Cost Map will be a huge productivity gain solution supporting several use cases:
    • Material takeoffs in seconds: The ability to run a material takeoff by selecting assets and getting up-to-date cost data replaces a laborious and often manual process for cost estimating.
    • Capital Improvement Project (CIP) planning / budgeting: The ability to create multiple what-if scenarios for future capital expenses.
    • Operations expense or capital expense?: Being able to answer whether or not an improvement, like a main replacement is going to be an operational expense (OpEx or capital expense (CapEx) is something Cost Map can answer very quickly.
  1. “America needs to invest at least $1 trillion over the next 25 years for buried assets” – David LaFrance, AWWA CEO
    • The aging infrastructure and declining systems at a D+.
    • GIS will play a vital role in critical asset (high risk) identification and smart infrastructure replacement strategies.
    • GISinc’s Cost Map will play a role in helping organizations understand the cost of replacing and repairing these assets.
  1. Esri Innovations
    • “ArcGIS Pro is the new standard for desktop GIS” – Jack Dangermond, Esri President
      • Water Distribution Utility Network configuration was released 2 weeks ago and we can expect updates on the Sewer / Storm Water by the 2018 Esri User Conference.
      • ArcGIS Pro should be the target for standalone GIS implementations to fully leverage the Utility Network; Where ArcGIS is integrated with other systems, the upgrade path will be defined by those systems’ readiness to integrate with the Utility Network (which is only available in ArcGIS Pro).
      • GISinc has supported several of our customers embrace ArcGIS Pro. We are 10.6 and Utility Network ready!
    • “[We’re] Introducing spatial analytics to the BI world” – Jack Dangermond, Esri President
      • Insights for ArcGIS brings spatial analytics to business intelligence (BI) which is already available today in ArcGIS Online and Portal.
      • Big data for water utilities organizations can be found in billing history, assets management systems, and real-time sensors (SCADA, AMI, and AMR).
      • We’ve supported several customers with harnessing the power of Insights for ArcGIS and know it will play a huge role with our water utility customers better understand their systems.

Thank you to all the attendees and the Esri Water team for another successful Esri Water Conference. GISinc looks forward to seeing everyone again in Nashville, TN for the 2019 at Esri Water Conference.

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