AWWA Reports Concerns of Water Industry

According to the American Water Works Association (AWWA), the renewal and replacement of the aging water infrastructure is currently the number one concern of the industry. 


2017 State of the Water Industry Report - Issues Ranked 

Within this category, justifying renewal and replacement (R&R) programs to ratepayers, and to oversight bodies (board, council, etc.) ranked as the single most important issue.

Accurate and timely R&R costing data has long been an industry challenge. Justifying R&R programs with old, unreliable data is highly problematic. There is a growing demand for accurate R&R data which can be easily and quickly generated.

R&R Costing Solution for Water-Focused Organizations

Working with water clients, GISinc and Gordian (RSMeans) recognized this challenge and teamed up to look for a solution. GISinc is a map and GIS development company, while Gordian provide highly accurate asset R&R costing data. The goal was to build an intuitive, easy to use web app. This app allows users to view and select water assets on a map, and quickly generate R&R costing data against these selected assets.   

Designed by and with water organizations, Cost Map was released in the Spring of 2018. It is a focused web app aimed at helping water-focused organizations calculate R&R costing.  

costmap-gifCost Map for Water Utilities

As shown above, an organizations water assets are displayed in the map panel. The cost calculation widget in the right-side panel allows users to select those assets of interest. Once selected the app automatically provides costing data for these assets.

Future of Cost Map

Today Cost Map is focused on pressurized water systems. Looking ahead, we will be rolling out additional asset types. One key goal will be to help coordinate R&R with other activities such as road repair. Cost Map will allow cost calculations of many different asset types in one easy to use interface.

Automating R&R cost calculation through a simple to use web interface was the original vision for Cost Map. The first release is now available. Your thoughts and feedback we would welcome. Contact us for more information.


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