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New Features have been added to MapMasq!

But first...What is MapMasq? 

MapMasq is the first product of its kind to tackle protecting the spatial component of patient data. The tool preserves the anonymity of Patient Health Information (PHI) while still allowing researchers the ability to perform meaningful analyses.  

Though MapMasq could be applied to many markets, GISiP’s initial focus is on the health industry. With a growing demand for patient locational data to drive analytics, privacy becomes a greater concern. MapMasq creates a bridge between data owners and analysts. Whereas the data owners are privy to the sensitive nature of the data, and underlying attribution, oftentimes analysts sit outside the organization and may not have the same level of clearance as the data owners. Analysts needing, or desiring your data may include data scientist, geospatial analyst, or the media 

In MapMasq’s ongoing development, based on feedback from our customers, we are pleased to announce a major new feature release. 

New Feature: Bring Your Own Polygons 

We here at GISiP have grown fond of the term BYOP as it seems to just roll right off the tongue. For anyone that has worked with a GIS adding data to a tool or map is one of the first things we learn to do. The concept of having your own data and needing to display it or power an analysis is what makes a GIS powerful for spatial analytics.  

Our Numerator/Denominator tool has historically been developed to work with the US Census API to alleviate the need for users to source and pull down this data on their own. Through feedback from our customers we realized that this tool could be improved by giving users the ability to provide their own data to aggregate and bin datapoints.  

Working with our developers we modified the tools to accept user supplied polygons as input for bin aggregation while retaining the US Census data API pull as an option.  



New Feature: Hosted Census Data 

The ease of using the US Census Data pulled down from the API is straight-forward. However, one of the things we found is that the API data call can slow things down outside of our control. To alleviate this slowdown, as well as provide an alternative, we have curated all the US Census data on our website here: 


Download links are available for each state and contain US Census data at the State, County, Tract, and Block level. When providing your own polygon for the Numerator/Denominator tool these feature classes can be readily accessed and utilized for quick processing and results.  


Questions, Comments, Feedback 

Additional MapMasq tool usage can be found in our getting started guide here 

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