Esri's 2018 DevSummit is in full swing and GISinc's team is having a ball, literally. See the Day 1 video blog recaps from Stephen Rhea and Jason Kretzer:

Stephen’s Day 1 Part 1: Watch on Vimeo

Jason’s Day 1 Part 2: Watch on Vimeo

Full Day Review by Kelly Bigley:

  • The 2018 ESRI Developer Summit kicked off today with an impressive Plenary Session showcasing the latest improvements for developers throughout the ArcGIS Platform. These improvements fit into one of three categories: Web Mapping, Analytics, and the Developer Experience.
  • Web Mapping with the JavaScript API is continuing to mature in the visualization and 3D space with WebGL rendering, clustering, 3D smart mapping, 3D on mobile browsers, and 3D edge rendering. Client side work improves performance with WebGL rendering, client side queries, and the client side projection engine.
  • Analytics power increases with Insights features (such as displaying multiple shape fields in a single dataset and storing insights workflows into a model). ArcGIS Pro features density clusters, cluster ellipses, and cluster membership probability. Model Builder in Pro features R Script for statistical modeling. R studio integrates Arc “Data Science” with Pro. ArcPy shines with Python Notebooks with Jupyter and demonstrates the power of machine learning and deep learning with image recognition.
  • ESRI has focused on improving the Developer Experience. A new Developer landing page features samples, success stories, dev labs, and keyboard shortcuts. Improvements to the ability to extend and automate the Enterprise are mostly around the power of Python. Now developers can debug python toolboxes in Visual Studio 2017, encrypt python toolboxes for deployment, and develop Python Notebooks with Jupyter. Native mobile development features continue to incorporate more layer types including the ability to read and write shapefiles on disk.
  • While there isn’t a particularly large “wow” factor this year, what is evident is that we are entering a maturation phase of a large suite of particularly impressive technologies. Perhaps this year will be the year our clients are ready for 3D.

Day 1 Closing Thoughts:

First time to the Esri DevSummit? Don't miss our other post: GISinc Advice for DevSummit First Timers

Check back tomorrow for a Day 2 recap from the GISinc team!




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