Esri's 2018 DevSummit is still going strong and GISinc's team is learning a ton. See the Day 2 video blog review of Jupyter Notebooks + ArcGIS API for Python by Bill Rose, Day 2 Video blog review of Web AppBuilder by Mat Dvorachek, and Danielle Pugh's full Day 2 recap.

Bill's Day 2 Spotlight on Jupyter Notebooks + ArcGIS API for Python: Watch on Vimeo

Mat Dvorachek's Spotlight on Web AppBuilder:
Watch it on Vimeo

Full Day Review by Danielle Pugh:

Before today I would not have thought that JFK and a mobile app centered on Autistic children had much in common, now I know better. During the Keynote, I discovered the common connection: both were examples of Microsoft AI products... who knew? (Hint: Not me!)

Helpicto tugged at our heartstrings by showcasing how Microsoft Cognitive Services REST APIs and Microsoft Azure tools could be leveraged to develop a life changing mobile application for parents/caregivers of children on the Autism Spectrum. Deceptively simple looking, the app translates spoken word into easily identifiable pictograms for children. It was a definite game-changer for bridging the daily communication struggles that arise for this group. The app can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play.

The JFK Files demo, on the other hand, was less life changing and more X Files. Another cognitive learning product, the JFK Files site provided the average Joe a one-stop shop for searching various media related to the assassination of JFK. The OCR capabilities were pretty mind blowing on handwriting samples AND the ability of the OCR to read text from images that could then be translated as a caption for said image. If perusing all things Grassy Knoll is up your alley, then definitely try out You won’t be letdown.

Screenshot of a search performed on the JFK Files:

On to the technical sessions….

The Web AppBuilder sessions didn’t offer any "OMG I must have this now moments," but there were some interesting tidbits thrown out. As briefly mentioned during the Plenary, 2D Web AppBuilder (WAB) apps are still running 3x while the cooler, younger brother 3D WAB is at 4x. During Q & A in my sessions, I discovered that 2D is making the leap to 4x by the end of the year. Because of this, it may be possible to add 2, yes, I really wrote 2, map components to the WAB Dashboard theme!!!!! It would be great if that really happens so I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed that it becomes a reality as it is easily my favorite WAB theme these days.

A few other tidbits concerning WAB:

  • Theme Builder is on the roadmap. What does this mean? Greater ease in developing custom themes using a repeatable, pain free process.
  • Esri plans to do WAB updates every 2 months!!
  • Don’t ever count on loading custom widgets in the ArcGIS Online version of WAB…it was vehemently shot down as something that will happen only when hell has frozen over ☹

Are you a fan of Operations Dashboard? If so, be on the lookout next month for Chart selections to drive how other widgets serve up content. Soon-ish (hopefully very, very soon) an iFrame widget will be rolled out – the days of having to use the Rich Text widget to pull in external content will be a thing of the past, how awesome.

Story Maps and Insights are getting some improvements soon-ish as well. Look for the story map tour template to drop the carousel and instead focus on a large image panel flanked by 2 smaller sections- the map and narrative text components. The map component is getting a major improvement in the way of nicer location pins that really pop. An optional title page also makes it way in the mix for this template. For Insights look for the following improvements in June/July for the 2.4 release that even Jack hasn’t been told about:

  • Personal Edition (Stand-Alone Version)
  • Homepage
  • Public Sharing (Online Version)
  • Connect to Cloud DBs (Online Version)

Day 2 Closing Thoughts:

Did you miss our Esri DevSummit Day 1 Recap? Check it out. And it's not too late to learn a thing or two from our GISinc Advice for DevSummit First Timers article.

Check back tomorrow for a Day 3 recap from the GISinc team!


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