What a great Esri Dev Summit! I know we have been posting a lot of stuff our folks have gathered from the summit…but I thought it would be fun to wrap it all up with a few of our favorite moments. So I asked our team to share their favorite moments from the Dev Summit and this is what they had to say:

Katie - I’d have to say hands down my favorite part of the Dev Summit was definitely dodge ball. I was the last one standing from our team the last 2 games we played and the announcer along with some of the crowd started chanting my name. It was awesome but I’m certainly paying the price…my right shoulder/arm is unbelievably sore!

Jared - I enjoyed the whole conference, but one of the things that really stood out to me was the keynote from Chris Wanstrath from GitHub. It was interesting to hear how he got started and how GitHub has grown to what it is today. Personally I haven’t really jumped into the whole social coding scene much, but he brought up some really good points about the benefits of social coding and who benefits from it.

Jeff - I actually had two favorite moments. First, the keynote was amazing. Not only was it highly entertaining (Chris was a good storyteller and every sentence could’ve been its own tweet) but he helped me understand the role of open-source collaboration in Esri’s road ahead, and he did it in a very succinct manner. Second, meeting new colleagues at GIS Inc. was really nice. It was the largest group I have been a part of in my experience at the developer summit and just socializing with them was a great experience.

Drew - The best moment of the summit for me was the feeling of anticipation upon approaching the convention center Wednesday morning. The third day of the Dev Summit is the culmination of the event and the day of most activity. Keynote, last full day of Esri staff participation, and the Summit Party - Dodge ball! After this day, it is a slow glide to return home. As I enter the convention center, I'm thinking of: what things I've seen, what I know I've missed, what important things I don’t know I have missed, any last minute details to attend to (there's still time), and a sense of gratitude at the opportunity to be here.

David - No one moment for me. For me it would be the many small moments of good conversation with co-workers and Esri staff on any number of topics, technical or otherwise.

Jason - It's hard to pick my favorite moment at from the conference. I really enjoyed how open everything was. Everyone was completely accessible and eager to share and collaborate. Having what seemed like all of the text sessions demos and samples available as open source and the availability of all of Esri's staff for questions and discussion really made it feel like a huge collaboration towards making GIS more accessible for everyone. But if I had to pick a favorite part it would be the Dev Summit party, specifically throwing the wrecking ball at my fellow developers and watching everyone try to balance.

Pete - I loved the plenary and the keynote – kind of like I prefer watching and action film instead of reading a programming book. I know all about taking it with a little grain of salt but the cool aid was still pretty good – especially the 3D support coming with the runtime. I’m not sure when it was, I think it was during the ‘Dojo: the good parts’ talk, but I had this moment where ‘I got it’ – been there? Yeah that was good. Most of all loved seeing all my GISi colleagues and hiking up the mountain a bit on that last day – what a view!

Ryan - My favorite moment of the developer summit was the chance to talk tech with my fellow developers and co-workers face-to-face, some for the first time. Many of us work remotely and while we communicate our needs and intentions well over the phone, email, or Skype there is simply no substitute for face-to-face interaction. The Esri Dev Summit is a great opportunity for us to meet and learn about new technologies, patterns, and practices, together.

Steve - My favorite moment at the 2014 Dev-Summit can’t be summed up with just one experience. For me it’s about the relationships I get to reacquaint with and the news ones I get to make. It’s about the technology that I’ve grown to love over the years and seeing the cool things Esri and the community is engaged with. It’s about the energy I get and the motivation that’s re-instated in me to do more and take part in the great spatial movement. And of course it’s about the beautiful weather of southern California! Coming from north Georgia, where we've had a crazy winter this year, Palm Springs was a welcome change…I’m already planning next year’s trip.

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Photo Credit Esri via Flickr

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