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2020 Webinar Series: Coronavirus Response

July 2, 2020

The COVID-19 Pandemic has required employees to work from remote offices to stop the spread of the disease. In some organizations, the on-premise infrastructure brought connection and access issues, preventing some employees from fully performing their jobs. 

MapMasq Bring Your Own Polygon

MapMasq - Bring Your Own Polygons and Hosted Census Data

May 14, 2020

New Features have been added to MapMasq!

Informed Spatial Analytics with Masked Protected Health Data

March 19, 2020

COVID-19 and regulations being put in place to slow the spread have affected all of us in many ways. There is potential for data science in ...

Patient Anonymity Tool Showcased at HIMSS 2020

March 2, 2020

GISinc’s innovation partner, GISiP, will attend this year’s HIMSS Conference in Orlando, FL March 9th – 13th. GISiP will share booth space with ...


GIS Webinars of 2019

December 27, 2019

Oh what a dooo doot doot....Late December 1963... ♫ ♫