Are you using Google Maps Engine (GME) to store vector and raster data? If so, you should be aware that your GME data will no longer be available after January 29, 2016. As you can imagine, this change at Google is opening the floodgates for many companies to provide this type of service in Google’s place.

With the variety of options Google customers now have for their transition away from GME, why am I recommending ArcGIS for the Geospatial Intelligence community? Here are four reasons.

Security & Control for Your Geospatial Imagery

Esri recommends either ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS for Server running in a cloud infrastructure as ideal transitions from GME. ArcGIS Online is a great option because of the ready-to-use apps and maps, analytics, administration capabilities, ArcGIS Marketplace and more.

For those who want to leverage the power of the cloud but have security concerns regarding housing their data in cloud-based services like ArcGIS Online, there is another option. ArcGIS for Server allows you to store your image data on-premises with full control. With the Portal for ArcGIS extension, you can organize and share information throughout your organization with those who need it via maps and apps. It provides a framework to easily manage and secure geographic assets within your organization, enabling better decision-making.

No-Cost Replacement for Google Maps Engine

The first year of maintenance and/or subscription fees is included for GME users making the transition to ArcGIS. After the first year, users will be responsible for appropriate maintenance or subscription fees (including support).

ArcGIS is a Proven and Lasting Solution for Federal Government Capabilities

Esri technology is on the GSA Schedule and has empowered federal agencies for decades. As an Esri Platinum Partner with an ArcGIS Specialty designation, we have leveraged ArcGIS in both DoD and federal civilian organizations.

From working with our federal clients, we know first-hand that ArcGIS is a solution that increases operational efficiency, tracks and evaluates activities to meet mandates, and enables better analysis for informed decision-making. It not only provides a place for your imagery to reside, but takes all of your data and extends it in order to solve the big challenges ahead.

Availability of Experts to Help

There are 160 GIS geeks I know personally who do amazing work using ArcGIS. They’re my colleagues and they have a ton of experience working with federal clients and finding creative, efficient, effective, and scalable ways to use this technology for more than just storing image data. If you’re interested, check out some of their work here.

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