BIRMINGHAM, Alabama – April 1, 2014 - Geographic Information Services, Inc. (GISi), is embarking on a project to better equip companies who specialize in remote deserted island destination adventures with cutting-edge outdoor location technology. The project, named GISi Castaway, will involve collecting important deserted island data and building maps and apps that include but are not limited to: island wildlife habitats, safe/unsafe zones for climbing and foot travel, where to find food and fresh water, safe swimming areas, and designated island leisure activities.

To better facilitate research and development for GISi Castaway, GISi has purchased a 741 acre non-developed and uninhabited island in the French Polynesian area of the South Pacific. The lush tropical island is home to many exotic birds and flowers. It also features a mountain that stands at 1427 feet surrounded at the base by camps and workstations remaining from a previous island research project begun in the 1970s by Dr. Marvin Candle.

Cleanup to remove Federal Express boxes, volleyballs, and makeshift raft debris is currently underway. Construction of five island research facilities will begin late 2014 and deployment of up to 10 GISi personnel will kick off in early 2015 once the buildings have been fully equipped with the rugged technology, communication, living and survival needs for those deployed to the location.

“We’re very proud to announce the formation of GISi Castaway and the new research facility in the tropics,” said Lee Lichlyter, President & CEO of GISi. “This initiative, which some in the company are calling the GISi Initiative, demonstrates our commitment to the advancement of geospatial science. Plus, it’s a tropical island and that’s just cool.”

About GISi

GISi is an award-winning GIS professional services firm located in Birmingham, Ala., with offices throughout the United States. GISi has a passion for delivering customer driven location technology solutions to federal, state and local governments, and commercial organizations.

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Rachel Ankersen, Marketing Coordinator, GISi
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