To the men, women and families who have served our nation and to those who have given their lives in service to our country we set aside this day to honor those who have served our country in uniform. We celebrate veterans from generations past, present and look forward to a future of a new generation of veterans yet to come. We thank you for your commitment, dedication, and sacrifice.

This Veterans Day, GISi honors the service and sacrifice of our military veterans both past and present. We’d like to share our thanks and invite you to send your own thanks using the hashtag: #GISiThanksVets while posting on your Facebook and Twitter Accounts, as well as share our company post on LinkedIn.


Amy Hrdlicka

Veterans Day symbolizes sacrifice to me. Almost every male member of my family has served including my future husband and his family. They gave selflessly of their time and life circumstances, and honored the commitment to keep our country safe…to protect the freedoms we all take for granted in America. Once someone earns the title of Veteran, it can never be taken away. This day marks a time to reflect on your freedoms, feel truly blessed that our Veterans signed that check to give up their life for yours, and honor the sacrifices that they have made for us. Don’t wait for today to thank a Veteran, keep their service in your hearts and minds every day.


Rebecca Carpenter –

I think Veterans Day is a special day for our country to recognize the commitment and sacrifice of our Armed Forces too often taken for granted. I am especially grateful for my sister Teresa’s service; she gave 10 years to the Army and the noble task of guaranteeing safety and security for me and my family, as well as people all over the world. Thank you to all of our veterans!

Lori Page –

As a military spouse and family, Veterans Day means that individuals voluntarily sacrifice their time and life priorities to ensure that U.S. Citizens have the freedoms, as a majority, take for granted. It takes a selfless individual to lay down their lives and families for the freedom of others. I have seen the long-term effects of this commitment and the ramifications live on for a lifetime. A humble THANK YOU to all who serve the people of the United States!

Clyde Wills

When someone at the gym this morning came up to me and thanked me for my service, it struck me just how much the reception that our Vets receive has changed. In fact, it has gone through cycles in my lifetime and I like where it is today. My father, who was a WWII Navy Seabee combat vet, told me that people would stop him on the street at the end of the war and sincerely thank him for his service and express their appreciation for his sacrifice. On the other hand, in 1972 when I was discharged from the Navy at Pearl Harbor, it was just the opposite. People were fed up with the war in Vietnam and were at times openly hostile to returning Vets – hard to believe but true. Thank God the pendulum has swung back and we are now recognizing and honoring these brave men and women who stand between us and a bullet from those that would harm us. We are asking so much of our soldiers, sailors and air warriors today and we owe them our sincere thanks and gratitude.

Sean Kyzar –

I’m always uncomfortable when people thank me for my service. First and foremost, I never saw combat, was never deployed during hostilities, and there are many Veterans who were, who are more deserving of gratitude than I. Of particular importance to me are the families whose loved ones were injured or killed. Secondly, I got more out of my time in both the Marines and Navy than I can ever fully express. To this point I’m grateful to live in a country where voluntary service is not only available, but is often a leg-up in life for people coming out of high school, as it was for me.

So on Veterans Day I prefer to join all Americans in expressing my appreciation to those who have served and continue to serve, my condolences to those who have lost loved ones in service to their country, and my gratitude to live in a country that honors voluntary service.


Dawn Siegel –

My family has been fortunate to support our freedom without loss of life in war. My heart goes out to families that haven’t been able to experience the same. My Great, Great, Great Grandfather was wounded and finished the civil war in a prison camp. My Great Grandfather was in WWI and spent two years in the trenches. I have two Uncles that both served in Vietnam; one receiving two bronze stars with valor and one receiving a Purple Heart. In addition, my Grandfather and another Uncle both served honorably but did not see combat. Thank you Vets and the families of Vets!


Anthony Scardino –

For me, Veterans Day means thanking my friends for doing what I’m not able to do. Thanking them for making a commitment to our country that reaches beyond themselves. They sacrifice beyond their own time and, sometimes, bodies. They sacrifice the time, energy, and emotions of their families and friends, as well. Even though one day is not enough to express the amount of gratitude they deserve, it is and will always be a reminder of that sacrifice.

Tammy McCracken –

Since my husband’s death in 2011, Veterans Day has held a special and significant spot in my heart. With a sum total of 16 years spent with the man who was to walk by my side for life, there was never a day of those years where the military and those who serve had not touched our lives in some form, some fashion. The military life gave me a greater purpose, a great respect for those who wake every day and put on their uniform, and most of all a great big family that still walks by my side in loving support. Veterans belong to that exclusive club of those who show up, support in so many ways – many of these efforts going unrecognized! This Veterans Day I remember my favorite veteran, COL David McCracken and also recognize those brave, selfless warriors that dwell among us.




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