Publised October 18th, 2016 by Lindsay Miller

As an employee-owned company, GISinc’s staff is proud of our ownership interest in the company. Many employee-owners are distributed across the United States in over 35 locations across, which means we can enjoy various fun local places and travel destinations!

GISinc wanted to provide a solution to our owners, enabling our staff to show our pride at these fun places, so we developed an easy-to-use mapping application. It is a great way to see the many places all of our proud employee-owners have been. It could be an event, a daily activity, or a place traveled, with family, friends, or fellow GISincers – any fun picture that shows that pride is shared with everyone.


Through GISinc, I’ve had multiple opportunities to travel to exciting places! On one trip, I had the chance to travel to the United Kingdom and train the Royal Air Force to use a piece of our technology. During my travels I was able see London (among many other places) where I visited Kensington Palace, and was excited to share my experience with my fellow owners!

I am pleased to have the opportunity to be the first to show pictures in locations outside of the country, and have since added other pictures of Iceland and Germany from additional GISinc-related travels to share with everyone.

With busy schedules and life in general, it’s a great way to see what our proud employee-owners are doing worldwide for fun, to balance the work-life relationship. Now we’ll have fellow owners to ask for travel tips!

As a bonus…we get to use the same technology and solutions that we deliver to our clients. So check out our GISinc - Taking You Places mapping application at to see where our proud employee-owners have been!


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