Well it happened…I caught the story map-making bug. It all started with my successful first attempt creating our spooky Haunted Birmingham Alabama story map and has now expanded to something that really taught me a lot about this city I now call home. You see, today is National Martin Luther King Day; a celebration of what he stood for, his legacy, and (of course) his birthday. Birmingham, Alabama, the city where GISi is headquartered, had a poor reputation due to racial violence. Racial inequality was typical in places all over the United States. But in the south, and especially in Birmingham, bombings were not uncommon and segregation (which was the law of the land) was something many southerners thought needed to be protected.

I created our Birmingham Civil Rights story map as an opportunity to learn more about the struggle for civil rights and, for me, to renew my appreciation for the men and women who shook up Birmingham – in a good way. As I walked through the Birmingham civil rights district with my camera, I was wondering what it must have been like to be a protestor walking the very same grounds I was walking. There is something quite moving about standing in the very places where Martin Luther King once stood. What beautiful things he and others did for our city and for humanity as a whole.

civil right story map


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