Around the world, the GIS community comes together to celebrate GIS Day. Here at GISi we love this day and we particularly enjoy sharing our passion for the work we do. One of our employees was recently invited to present GIS technology to a group of kindergartners. He used interactive maps to pretend the class was driving around town in monster trucks and motorcycles. They even got to "fly" all over the world to see where Mickey and Minnie, Nemo, Lilo and Stitch, and the gang from Madagascar live, which the class seemed to really enjoy. Some of our employees are also speaking at GIS Day open house events and mini-conferences, enjoying the many opportunities to get involved and participate in events that build and enrich the GIS community. Today is certainly is one of the many things we all appreciate about being a part of the GIS industry.

On another note, we've noticed that GISi George has been in a particularly good mood today. It could be that he raided the candy bowl in the conference room (again) but our guess is that he's excited too about GIS Day. He's been all over the place telling everyone about it...and almost all have been quite interested, except for one very grumpy feline...




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