Before coming to work at GISi, I had never worked at an employee-owned company. Working here has proved to be a truly inspiring experience. It is very satisfying to work for a company that fosters the trust, entrepreneurial spirit, and ultimate well-being of its employees. Let’s break it down:

Trust - One of GISi’s core philosophies revolves around trust. A solid foundation of trust provides assurance and confidence to our staff and clients. Employee ownership actually contributes to building that trust amongst employees in a number of ways:

  • GISi trusts its employees. The company’s leadership wants to leave the company in the hands of its employees rather than eventually considering selling the company for a high price. Who better to entrust the company to than the people that contribute the most to the company’s success.
  • Employees get financial rewards. GISi shares its wealth with the employee-owners: As the company makes money, so do the employees. This contributes to the well-being of the employee while motivating increased performance.
  • GISi shares business information. GISi educates employees on the health of the business by keeping them informed about its successes and failures. We have monthly meetings about each business unit’s wins and losses and our revenue and expenses so that all owners know how our company is doing.

Entrepreneurial Spirit - The ownership culture helps the company be more successful. GISi encourages employees to “think like an owner”, which means more than just being efficient with our time and money:

  • We are all entrepreneurs. My ideas and those of my fellow employees contribute to our success. Leaders emerge in not only traditional ways, but also in non-traditional ways. We are encouraged to follow through with ideas that can impact our business.
  • We are all decision makers. We make our own commitments and take the initiative on our tasks. We keep in mind long term goals and ideas. From project tasking to improving processes to our personal employee development plans, we make decisions that impact both our business and our career in the short term and the long term.
  • We are engaged in the business. My colleagues and I care even more about the work we do. We all aim for a high degree of service to our clients to increase the value of the investment they make. The passion my colleagues and I have for the business creates a thriving environment. The more we thrive individually, the better service we provide, the greater the company succeeds.

GISi embraces employee ownership to the betterment of the company and employees. The trust and entrepreneurial spirit that is developed throughout leads to happy employees and a successful business.

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