image002This coming Monday, May 25th is Memorial Day and like most of us here at GISi, we are sure that you have plans for the holiday weekend. Maybe you will be grilling with friends, relaxing or maybe even shopping, taking in all the holiday sales. This is certainly a part of the day, but something is missing – don’t you think?

The true meaning of the day; the “other” side of the day. The part of the day that is set aside to remember, show respect, and honor the brave ones who died while in service to our country. These men and women paid the ultimate sacrifice and are missed by so many: spouses, children, parents, family and friends. This day is meant to encourage Americans to reflect on this – their sacrifice – for you and for me.

GISi is asking you – our readers – to not only display the flag that represents all that we are as a nation, but to send us a picture of Old Glory in action, no matter the size or location of the flag. Please show your patriotism by honoring the memory of thousands of our fellow Americans who said goodbye to their families and friends but never returned. Fly our beautiful American flag showing your pride and appreciation for our heroes, remembering for one moment families whose holiday weekends will always be minus one.

We are going to geolocate your photos and place them on a map that you can interact with from now through July 4, 2015 (although it is our hope that you will continue to fly your flags year round!). It’s simple to get engaged:

  1. Send your photos to including where you displayed the flag (city and state), maybe a few words about your picture and your name.
  2. We’ll take care of the rest! We’ll get your photo mapped so that you can step through the story of American patriotism over this next month.
  3. Check back often as our map grows and gains content here.

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