Happy International Waffle Day! We thought we would celebrate this day with a story map of some wacky and wonderful waffles. Unfortunately we missed the “International” part…otherwise our map would have crisscrossed the globe. But we still think this map has got a lot of flavor and helps illustrate just how versatile the waffle actually is.

waffle day

Which reminds me of something else – location technology. Location-based technology is to business leaders, like the versatile waffle is to a chef. There are so many uses and applications for location technology that I’m really not surprised that more and more companies are reaching spatial maturity.

In what ways can location technology be leveraged in the world of business? Here are just a few examples:

  • You can visualize the location of your suppliers
  • Analyze and improve population health
  • Market to the location with your target demographic
  • Locate the best place to open a new store
  • Operate an oil and gas pipeline
  • Get value from your big data
  • Combat fraud
  • Provide your customers with indoor navigation apps
  • Improve employee safety with simple smartphone apps
  • Manage a mud run
  • Enhance building security

And this isn’t even the full list. If you would like some ideas (recipes) for using location technology in your organization, feel free to reach out to us.

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