At GISi, we are no strangers to version control and the git workflow. Within many of the projects we work on with our great clients, our wide array of developers and analysts utilize many code libraries. Because our company culture is driven on organic growth of new methodologies, processes, and technologies a few of us got together and created a company account on GitHub. Many of us already had accounts that we actively use, and we wanted to share that energy through our ‘branded’ company page, using GitHub’s organization feature.

To kick this new grass-roots campaign off we started with a plan that explained why, as a company, we should join the social coding site. Some of the great points were:

Opportunity - to openly collaborate with the GIS / developer/ open source community
Recruiting - Potential candidates may be attracted to our company through our GitHub participation
Braggable Code - We have some great developers and you can see it in their code

As this plan came together we had fun sharing the news through internal social avenues and webinar-type events to answer questions. Here’s an image we used to hint our fellow owners to the coming news:


With the support and guidance of our company leadership, we’re proud and excited to start participating in the GitHub community and we’ve got some introductory repositories to kick us off with a bang!

ALF (ArcGIS Level Fixer) by Chris Bupp [@ChristopherBupp], Senior Geospatial Developer and Jonah Adkins [@jonahadkins], Senior Geospatial Analyst. This is a web application that provides a smart proxy to ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Server resources using custom zoom levels.

Android Custom Toggle Buttons by Corey Fields [@coreylf], Senior Geospatial Developer. This is a custom and configurable animated toggle button for Android. Check out his blog post about it.

ESRI JSAPI Jasmine Template by Ian Firkin [@lobsteropteryx], Geospatial Developer. This is template to simplify unit testing ESRI JSAPI code, using Jasmine.

MapRoom by Patrick Scanlon, Sr. Application Developer. A simple proof-of-concept real time location sharing and chat application built on meteor.js and websockets.

Our GitHub organization page is accessible at Be sure to check it out and see what we've been up to!

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