2014 has been an awesome (and fun) year for our blog. Our articles this year have been all over the map, covering everything from Waffle Day to Super Mario Brothers 3. We even sang to you…and let you in on the most “out there” GISi project ever. So since it’s New Year’s eve and 2014 recaps are great ways to wrap up the year, we thought it would be fun to highlight some of your favorite GISi blog articles of 2014. These are the 10 most popular and most shared articles on our blog – and we hope you’ll enjoy them all over again.

# 1 - 2014 Esri International Developer Summit (Day 2 Recap) - Every day of the Esri Developer Summit, we have our developers at the event provide thoughts on what they learned that day. Day 2 of this year’s Dev Summit was definitely a hit with our readers throughout the year.

# 2 - Putting Business Intelligence on the Map - The fact that this one was so popular wasn’t really surprising. Location enabled BI has been such a hot topic…and we were happy to add our own thoughts to the discussion.

# 3 - A General Guide to Testing New Software Products - Many people found this handy-dandy guide both helpful and insightful. We plan to add more of these in the upcoming year. Stay tuned!

# 4 - Putting Business Intelligence on the Map - Part 2 - The 2nd part of this two-part series was also a hit…and was the 4th most popular article of the year. With so many applications for GIS and BI...perhaps we can continue the series throughout 2015?

# 5 - How to Make a Damned Good Map-o-Lantern - Chris Bupp had some pun fun with this Halloween article on how to make a scary map-o-lantern.

#6 - Exporting Native Excel Files in Flex - This article was originally published in early 2011…long before the blog, as we know it today, came into existence. We’re happy to see that it’s still a hit in its old age.

#7 - 2014 Esri International Developer Summit (Day 3 Recap) - More developer awesomeness from this year’s Esri Dev Summit. Dodge ball anyone???

#8 - 4 Public Speaking Tips for Geospatial Professionals - Great tips from James on how to rock the house during your next GIS presentation. We loved this one and we’re glad you guys did too.

#9 - Using Winnie The Pooh To Teach Kids About GIS - What kid doesn’t love Winnie The Pooh? This article provides great resources for showing kids how awesome GIS is.

#10 - The Adventures of the Lucky Blue Power Ranger – A Geocaching Story - We really enjoyed this geocaching tale of the Lucky Blue Power Ranger – who no matter how far away he was, always managed to make it back home.

Did you have any favorite GIS articles from 2014? If so, feel free to share them in the comments!








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