On November 10, 2016, GISinc participated alongside Esri and Opelika Utilities in presenting the “Digital Transformation: How to get there with ArcGIS” webinar.

Please review our below responses to a few common questions asked by webinar attendees regarding digital transformation:

Q: Does GIS integrate with SCADA?
A: Absolutely! An enterprise GIS can access SCADA populated tables for visualization in Operations Dashboards or to be monitored with GeoEvent Server. We are Cityworks certified and work side-by-side with several SCADA implementation partners. Click to read more about our SCADA integration project for a Gas Utility Company.

Q: Is all system and customer data secure?
A: Esri’s ArcGIS Server security and established named user accounts ensure that all spatial data hosted in ArcGIS Online is secure. In addition, all customer and infrastructure data remains hosted on-premises within the secure environment of your own enterprise database architecture.

Q: How long does it take to collect the field data?
A: Data collection timelines depend largely on the scale of an organization and their desired level of GPS accuracy to support business needs. With nearly 17,000 water connections and a 2-person team, Opelika Utilities collected field data using Collector for ArcGIS via mobile devices to locate each meter in under six months. In addition, Esri’s Water Utility Network Editing toolbar also made the network editing workflow and adjustments much more efficient. Progress was tracked using an Operations Dashboard.

Contact sales@gisinc.com today to find out how Digital Transformation can help your organization face its greatest challenges head on in 2017.

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