In a few short weeks we will all be settling into the 2015 Esri International User Conference ready to hear all of the new updates from Jack Dangermond during the Monday morning plenary. With this being my 14th UC, I can still tell you I get excited for each plenary. This year I expect will be no different. Here is what I expect all of us in State and Local Governments to hear during the plenary and throughout the week:


This will be a main theme of the entire week as Esri will be revealing new improvements to Identity, including how it is going to increase efficiency, security, and workflow through the ArcGIS platform. You will learn how your Identity is all you need to unlock maps and apps and access them anytime/anywhere.

ArcGIS Pro

As a relatively new addition to the desktop solution, ArcGIS Pro is perhaps similar to and complementary to ArcMap, but with a new and robust set of tools and platform efficiencies. We expect to see how the next iteration of this product embraces additional 3D capabilities along with a deeper dive into analytics and geoprocessing.

ArcGIS Online

As a pillar to the Esri ArcGIS platform, we are excited to hear about the next round of updates and improvements to ArcGIS Online. Specifically, we anticipate learning more about the incorporation of formal metadata, using custom print layout templates from ArcGIS Server, and overall improvements to organizational administration.

Smart Communities

Better, faster and cheaper. Three words that resonate with us and our customers and which underlie Esri’s concept of smart communities. This is a theme Esri will continue to brand and support with the release of new applications (Events, Capital Project Planning), updates to some of our favorites (Parks and Recreation, Site Selector), and of course a tighter integration with ArcGIS Online. The overarching goal is to leverage location technology (maps and apps) to help communities accomplish their workload better, faster and cheaper!

Be Agile

As a buzz word in the technology industry, agile has many meanings, but in this context agility refers to a deployment phraseology that we have adopted at GISi and that Esri is reemphasizing. With over 150 maps and apps available for State and Local Governments, Esri has positioned and we advocate for a configure first and customize second approach. Be agile with your maps and apps deployment to develop a deployment cadence that meets your user community demand. Instead of a new app a year maybe it’s an app a month, an app a week – with agility you can accomplish this!

Overall we are excited for the UC! Is there anything you expect to see that we did not mention?

*Photo Above Courtesy of Esri

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