This article may reference Continental Mapping, GISinc, or TSG Solutions. These three legacy companies merged in January 2021 to form a new geospatial leader.


Austin Water in Austin, Texas serves over 1 million customers in more than a 548 square-mile service area. The Austin Water Geometric Network data model had been in use since around 2002, predating ArcGIS for Water (AG4W). Austin Water expressed the desire to more closely align with Esri’s current standard industry solutions, specifically with the recently released ArcGIS Utility Network Management Extension.

The GIS Services division of Austin Water selected GISinc to assess the organization’s readiness, redesign its geospatial data model, develop an implementation roadmap, and support initial implementation efforts for their migration.

Our Research and Solution:

GISinc performed an assessment of Austin Water’s existing data and data model, requirements gathering, and redesign of the data model.  The model design considered specific localization requirements and fields necessary for their asset management and work order management system. Requirements were then built into an initial Utility Network Geodatabase Design using Esri’s Water Domain Asset Package as a foundation. Once the requirements were in hand and a design agreed upon, GISinc created a plan for implementation, which included updates to all related products and services using the GIS database. 


The design of the new GIS database and implementation plan includes:

  • Esri Utility Network (water domain) design
  • Migration tools
  • Infor Public Sector requirements
  • Third-party business application considerations
  • Symbology standardization
  • Data accuracy consideration

GISinc designed a four-phase implementation plan that included data planning and preparation of the staging environment, migration of data into the new format, post-migration enabling of the network and supporting applications, and third-party integrations to enable functionality between business systems.

GISinc has completed the implementation of SSP Innovation’s SSP Sync migration tool to enable Austin Water to work within an operational Utility Network in a staging environment, with more than 500,000 records in their water distribution system. The Utility continues configuration of advanced UN features and detailed evaluation for integrations with other business systems. GISinc is now finalizing the database design for reclaimed and wastewater systems in preparation for migration of these systems in the UN in the summer of 2020.

Types of Software Used:

  • ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7.1
  • ArcGIS Pro 2.4/5
  • ArcMap 10.7.1
  • Utility Network Management extension
  • SSP Sync


Topics: State & Local, Consulting & Strategic Workshops, Enterprise GIS Architecture, Data Transformation, Utilities