By implementing the power of location, our financial services customers have greater situational awareness, decision-making, crisis response, and preparation for any type of scenario. They are able to visualize risk results and make better decisions around risk policy and risk appetite.

Our Risk Exposure Application allows our customers to:

  • Evaluate exposure scenarios
  • Combine with extern data like weather and census data
  • Measure impact of potential hazards
  • Visualize collateral by many different categories
  • Integrate risk strategy
  • Gain comprehensive view across risk types
  • Show impact by potential type of catastrophe
  • Helps maps potential threats
  • Allows advanced warning
  • Assign dollar value to type of risk

The Risk Exposure Application provides better guidance and answers for regulators, customers, and other key stakeholders demanding more transparency. As financial institutions unlock the power of spatial analysis they can begin to understand the power of location, geo-enrichment and visualization.