Waste Industries is a waste removal and recycling company offering several solutions that are high quality, customer-focused, cost-effective and environmentally considerate in design. Founded in 1970, Waste Industries has 36 collection operations nationwide. Corporate Headquarters is located in Raleigh, North Carolina.

GISi was recommended to Waste Industries by a key player in the GIS industry to help the company overcome their high-density problem that affected operations employees abilities to visualize whether truck drivers were following the correct route in their collection operations. They also needed to see the conditions of the routes throughout the day - tracking progress as it was completed. Because of the inability to visualize this, communication to companywide truck drivers proved difficult for operations employees.

We developed an application based off Esri's ArcGIS Server platform to help visualize Waste Industries data through geo-coding. This OpsViewer integrated the company's enterprise CSRs with operations and sales data to take away the labor intensive process that existed before its existence. Now, employees can easily estimate the location and timing of trucks as they complete their routing paths during collection services.

This application successfully streamlined the work flows and processes for cross-functioning data sharing between operations and sales, an unexpected opportunity that was created during the application development process. Sales employees can use this application as a sales territory tool to drive sales for Waste Industries.

With these improvements in the tracking paths of their enterprise system, Waste Industries has achieved highly effective processes companywide due to the completion model efforts inside of the GISi OpsViewer.