This proof of concept application integrates the shipper's scheduled delivery routes with real-time global flight information into a dashboard view, giving the shipper a real-time status of their freight while in route.

The system uses ArcGIS Server and integrates live flight information to predict delays on air traffic shipments. It provides alerts on transportation delays to allow for just-in-time route adjustments. This gives the shipper the tools needed to eliminate or minimize delivery delays.

Users can view historical shipment information, search for past shipments, and search for live flights. The "watchtower" functionality allows the user to dive into live feeds of alerts and airport delays. From that, they can choose an alert and have the system show the effected shipments and how much cargo is effected. Users also have the ability to filter those down by priority, allowing the logistics company to quickly respond to delayed shipments and deploy alternative resources to get the shipment where it needs to be or alert others of the delay.

Historic route information is also available in the dashboard view. Shippers use this feature to design better routes by avoiding shipping lanes with a poor track record for on-time performance.