As a subcontractor to Capstone Corporation, we support three out of nine Regional Operation Centers (ROC) within the U.S. Navy Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC). Our regions include Northwest, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast Regional Operations Centers.

The Regional Operations Center (ROC) supports each region of the Navy with emergency management and emergency response for their respective region - anything from the planning process for preparing for incidents and accidents through response to such events. We provide onsite geospatial support to the ROC and work with emergency managers and staff to create maps, provide geospatial services and solutions. We prepare, do yearly drills for hurricane preparedness, work with nuclear incident/accidents exercises for two of our regions, and also prepare for active shooter drills, among other necessary activities.

We are also the OneClearPicture administrator for the web mapping system. We do anything from updating data, providing creating a common operational picture (COP) during training and live incidents and accidents, as well as training staff on how to use the online web mapping system.

We bring expert knowledge and support to emergency management, not only providing a clear picture but also doing the geospatial analysis to determine potential threats (while communicating those threats) are just a few of the many ways our client benefits from our support.