GRX is a way to view geo-readiness, facility information, asset management data, and acts as a single integration point for other systems.

Before GRX, every region had their own viewer to visualize their GIS data and the challenge to us was: how can we have that same enterprise capability for all NAVFAC regions? How can we avoid the problem of 12 different viewers and separate databases having to be maintained differently? GRX was a program that grew out of the need for consistency.

We developed GRX while allowing all regions to be able to put their own spin on it - while at the same time having the same tools and capabilities. A portal is included and inside of it users can manage who has rights to what regions - which is managed by each individual region. So each region is hitting GRX and is able to customize and add their own flavor to it.

NAVFAC benefits by having a common framework, for additional business line support, in which we would use a very specific set of data and develop inside of GRX.

GRX is on version 10.1 - ArcGIS flex API for viewer, services and data are from SDE and ArcGIS Server.

System Support
With GRX, there are different tiers - web tier, server tier (ArcGIS server), and data tier. We are providing support at each of those levels. Regions are editing, creating data, updating, then feeding into the enterprise (central repository) for all of this data. If regions need assistance, they can call us for support. We are responsible for automation and support involved in consolidating it, feeding it all up to the worldwide consolidated database, and helping regions create map services that feed into the web viewer. We are involved from beginning to end - keeping the engine running.