Years ago we built and maintained a system that will allow NAVFAC GeoReadiness Centers to upload CAD drawings of facilities. They would upload them through an automated process that would extract the space information from the drawing itself, populate a space table in iNFADS (property management system) and convert the polygons of the actual floor plans into a GIS format. We were able to display those on the web where a user can go in and see the actual representation of the space in GIS through a web viewer. From there they could go in and do some querying on space, occupancy, etc. and see that information displayed. Nine times out of ten, users were just using it to view floor plans.

The value of this was always in the floor plan data - for security, for energy, environmental, and situational awareness. While the viewer is no longer in use today, all of the valuable data is accessible via GRX where users can go in and click on a building and download the DWG file.