The Army Sustainable Range Program has numerous enterprise systems all of which contain authoritative data. As part of the Enterprise IT Strategy, SRP wanted to create an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) to serve as the common repository and distribution system for all of the authoritative data within each system.

GISi created the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) providing a searchable data catalog of Sustainable Range Program authoritative data sources and available data services. Users may browse a Registry for all authoritative data sources within a selected Category or by using a search term. Users may also browse the Registry for all Services that allow programmatic access to SRP data by Category, by the System that delivers the data, or by typing in a search term.

GISi created a centralized database using SQL Server to house a collection of data. We were able to then create a web application to facilitate the management and access of that data. The data management is accomplished by a variety of controlled access web services to allow administrators or applications to modify or retrieve data as needed. EDW continues to add new services, methods administrative functions and now has an analytics feature.

The client now has a centralized system to store, manage, discover, and distribute its programmatic authoritative data. As part of this process the SRP Data proponents and users have been able to identify and correct data quality issues. The EDW has helped expand and facilitate better use of the SRP data investment, and now have an enterprise