The U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence uses the Army Mission Planning System (AMPS) as their primary tool for Mission Planning to include training events on Army Ranges. Army Aviators required access to the WDZ Tool, specifically the ability to create safety footprints for air to ground based platforms within the AMPS application. This would allow the Aviators performing mission planning to perform all of their planning within one system and to streamline the Safety process for live fire training events. AMPS is a version of the Open Source GIS Tool called FalconView created specifically for Army Aviators. To incorporate the WDZ capabilities into AMPS we had to develop the tool to work in FalconView and the incorporate it into the build process for AMPS.

To accomplish this we mapped the functionality in WDZ that needed to be ported to FalconView. Then we recreated the functionality (mostly geometry generators and user interfaces) into FalconView compatible code and developed a plugin for FalconView. The challenge was to develop the user interfaces that are typical to RMTK users into and different paradigm that FalconView utilizes. The system is currently being tested by the Aviator community. Once accepted it will become part of the standard AMPS distribution delivered to Aviators.

As a result of this project, the Army will be able to keep their current mapping and planning software but still ensure accurate safety measures to protect those who are serving our country. Aviators will be able to initiate the safety process directly during mission planning and communicate with Range Safety officers through a common system.