In December 2011 we completed a GIS HealthCheck for Emmet County, Michigan. This HealthCheck provided the County with a roadmap for moving their GIS program forward. The County had been using the MapInfo platform for the past 12 years and wanted to move to the Esri platform. In January 2012, we assisted the County in the adoption the Esri Local Government Information Model, which allowed them to leverage the ArcGIS for Local Government Solution. We converted the existing GIS data from MapInfo to Esri format, assisted the County in setting up a new server, installed the ArcGIS Server software, and set up their Enterprise Geodatabase (ArcSDE). The implementation of the Local Government Information Model allowed them to take advantage of the ArcGIS for Local Government templates. We set up the Destination Emmet County Maps and Apps Portal, which is based on the Esri Maps and Apps Portal Template. The new Maps and Apps portal provides their staff and citizens with a central location to access maps and information. We assisted them in deploying the GISi GIS Data Viewer, Tax Parcel Viewer, and Parcel Notification Viewer (Internal only). They now have the ability to add more apps to their site utilizing the Esri local government templates.