The Fire Department for the City of Troy, Michigan has implemented an ArcGIS Runtime based mobile application that provides the firefighters with access to valuable information while in the fire truck en route to a fire. The application contains streets, hydrants, addresses, critical facilities, aerial imagery, as well as documents containing information about the buildings associated with an incident (i.e., fire pre-plans, building flow plans, alarm reset procedures, etc.). The City has found it simple to put mapping and geospatial analytics into the hands of the Fire Department without requiring that they be GIS experts or need extensive training.

The key benefits the City of Troy is experiencing:

  • Small application footprint
  • Very responsive and with a user-friendly and mobile-friendly touchscreen interface
  • Easy to deploy
  • Native 64 and 32 bit
  • Can operate in a completely disconnected environment
  • Dynamically checks for updated data when connected to the City's network
  • Operates against a dynamically compiled map package