Desoto County, Mississippi implemented GISinc OneView, an HTML5/JavaScript framework that allows the county to use a lot of the traditional GIS functionality their users were accustomed to, but with an improved user experience that offers them accessibility from smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Key features the County is now able to utilize with GISinc OneView include:

  • Mobile Ready: Developed with HTML5/JavaScript, GISinc OneView is supported on multiple mobile platforms including Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.
  • Social Media: The social media share map button allows you to share your map several different ways. Users can compose an email or share the map on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Quick Search: Users are able to perform quick searches or canned searches for Address, Parcel, Owner, and Intersection. Auto-complete functionality is enabled for all quick searches. As users key in the criteria, a dialog box appears with matching results. This feature expedites searches and enhances the user experience.
  • Spatial Search: Spatial search tools enable the users to perform spatial searches within the application. This includes searching by point, line, polygon, and rectangle.
  • Buffer Search: Establishes a buffer from selected Feature(s) at user specified distance. The user can identify the feature(s) they want the buffer to select from a configurable drop-down list. The buffer search works from a user defined selected feature(s).
  • Geolocation: Allows you to get a user's location in the field from a tablet or smart phone.
  • Secure Access: GISinc OneView offers secure access via a login control that manages layer and tool access. This controls the number of layers a user will see in the layer list as well as the number of tools available. Access is facilitated by the ArcGIS Server built-in security.
  • Tri-View: Allows users to click a point on the map and open a new window divided into three sections referencing public web services (Google Maps, Google Street View and Bing Birdseye view).
  • Advanced Printing: Print PDF & JPEG to layout templates authored in ArcMap and saved as a map template document (MXT).