Phase I of this project consisted of two components:

  1. Creation of a geodatabase by consolidating data from a legacy Pavement Management System and E911 database.
  2. Development of an ArcGIS Desktop .NET application that accesses the geodatabase via multiple forms/screens.

The application allows the user to enter new records, query the data for certain values, alter the display of the road network based on parameters within the database, and generate summary reports for a variety of parameters in the database including date of survey, condition-of-road, etc.

The final product equips the DOT personnel with the ability to manage all aspects of their pavement projects inside a GIS environment. In addition to the great visualization tools that help the department communicate to decision makers more effectively, the County can leverage the GIS for additional functionality. For example, the DOT is able to efficiently implement their permit program for all of their weight-restricted roads. Users of this system are able to quickly generate permits and acceptable routes for all trucks traveling through the County, a process that was not manageable before.

New visualization capabilities have helped the County prioritize where to spend money on road improvements based on road condition, priority score and other ratings. They can quickly generate maps and reports on all Pavement Management factors while communicating more effectively.

Finally, the application was designed to streamline and automate much of the DOT's pavement management workflow. It's a huge time saver and it's dramatically improved the efficiency of the department.