This article may reference Continental Mapping, GISinc, or TSG Solutions. These three legacy companies merged in January 2021 to form a new geospatial leader.

When Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) recently upgraded their GIS capabilities, they saw the need to establish a cloud-based disaster recovery solution. Working with GLWA, GISinc designed a Amazon Web Services-based (AWS) environment to meet their needs.

In designing and implementing the system, data availability in the AWS ecosystem was paramount. Enterprise-level SQL Server log shipping was utilized to provide geodatabase high-availablity and required the tranfer of SQL transaction logs from the local GLWA environment up to AWS.

To get transaction logs up to AWS, FTP was first researched and tested, but found to be less secure and performant than necessary. Python scripting combined with Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3) was found to be a secure, robust, and cost-effective solution for transferring data quickly and easily up to the AWS cloud.

Topics: State & Local, Enterprise GIS Architecture, GIS Implementation, Utilities