The ADAI has hundreds of inspectors collecting information on plants, animals, equipment--anything you can imagine related to agriculture and industries. They needed GIS to make their organization more efficient and to move away from the hard copy data recording and forms they used to collect their inspection information. Of special concern was emergency response and homeland security.

Secondarily, we concentrated on making the entire organization more efficient from a geospatial perspective. We conducted interviews within all ADAI divisions to determine workflow. We then compiled the information and produced a plan for to best implement GIS and achieve their stated goals.

We developed an eGIS Implementation Plan based on user requirements gathered during onsite assessments and interviews concerning eGIS concepts. The Plan establishes a phased approach to implementing GIS within ADAI. We assisted ADAI in launching an internal, geo-enabled website based on ArcGIS Server technology that allows users to view and query State basemap layers, as well as ADAI-specific layers.

The Enterprise GIS that implemented for the ADAI provides significant functionality and value to the organization by embedding spatial activities and analyses into current processes.

Their new capabilities include the ability to look at a map, determine where and when food & safety permits have been awarded, or search for certified vendors. In the future ADAI will be able to determine which veterinarians are able to offer shelter in case of a natural disaster, then direct people to those locations. In the case of a disease outbreak, ADAI will be able to prevent the spread of disease and protect the population more effectively.
Although the primary goal of the eGIS project is to support emergency preparedness and response, the entire organization will benefit from increased efficiency in data collection, organization, sharing and dissemination. We have streamlined the inspection process with a geospatial component thus saving the ADAI substantial time and money.