Joining GISinc


What You'll Find Here at GISinc:

  • A high-performance culture that also has fun
  • A focus on people, happiness, and success
  • A balance between fun and work
  • A diverse business & technology offering
  • A learning organization dedicated to continuous improvement
  • A place where everyone is a leader and takes an active role in making us great
  • A company that believes in service excellence to each other and to our clients

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    What We Look For In Candidates:

    • Collaborative people with excellent communication skills
    • Self-initiative and the ability to excel individually and on teams
    • Intellectually relentless, capable, people who want to use their head
    • People ready to challenge each other respectfully
    • People who are passionate about location technology and solving problems
    • People who want to learn and grow
    • People who believe in providing great customer service

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      What We Look For

      Two Major Things We Consider

      When the above considerations line up, then we have the foundation for success. So, take some time and check out our site, find out more about us, our projects, and what it is like to work in different roles here. If you think this could be a great place for you to be, then read through our open positions and apply to become a part of our team.

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      Tailor your package as life changes

      Benefits at GISinc

      The most important elements of being a premier company and great place to work is attracting and retaining the very best people. Offering an award-winning, innovative benefits package is one way we strive to do just that! Through our unique Personal Choice benefits plan, we offer a set of Base Benefits to all full-time employees and, in addition to those, we give everyone points to select or “purchase” Personal Choice Benefits that are most important to them.

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      The Basics

      Base Benefits

      These are benefits that all full-time employees are eligible for and do not “cost” any points to the individual:

      • 22 days of paid-time-off (PTO)
      • 401K contribution matching
      • Employee assistance program (EAP)
      • Tuition reimbursement
      • Flexible spending accounts (FSA)
      • Health savings accounts (HSA)
      • Life insurance
      • Long and short-term disability insurance
      À la carte

      Personal Choice Benefits

      These benefits have an array of options, with a point value based on the cost of the benefit. Employees use their points annually to select or “purchase” the benefits most important to them. We believe this unique approach to benefits brings each of us exceptional value and helps us stay balanced and happy. Choices include: 

      • Health insurance
      • Dental insurance
      • Vision insurance
      • Critical illness insurance
      • Additional PTO
      • Additional life insurance
      • Additional long and short-term disability insurance
      • Accident Insurance
      • Tele-health
      • AAA and gym memberships
      • Additional personal points at tenure employee anniversaries