Event Recap: 26th Annual SCAUG Conference

Overall, this year’s South Central Arc User Group (SCAUG) show was very similar to past events. Esri has released and built an entire platform including desktop, server, and web/mobile that has direct applicability and usability within the various functions of local government. In particular, ready-to-use solutions that solve or complement the various business challenges that different departments within local governments are faced with.

The real issue is that this pattern may differ significantly from how these organizations have utilized ArcGIS in the past. Additionally, there may also be a lack of awareness of the availability of these solutions by the various departments, non-GIS, and also a lack of understanding of how to embrace these solutions and patterns within the organization. These organizations often need assistance guiding through the new pattern and deployment strategy in order to facilitate success - and ultimately give them the momentum and reach-back support to move forward.

Insights & Trends

  • Using the entire Esri Platform and the utilization of Web GIS
  • Flood response and flood preparedness because of recent and continual flooding
  • ArcGIS Solutions for your entire local government - ArcGIS Platform in particular, Web GIS from ArcGIS Online, and ArcGIS for Local Government

Local Government Opinions

  • The misconception of credit utilization in conjunction with ArcGIS Online


  • Understanding how to embrace this new platform approach and Web GIS