An Esri UC 2013 Wish List for State and Local Gov


By: Dawn Siegel

The weeks leading up the Esri User Conference feels nearly like Christmas in July to me. As the date nears and the anticipation builds, I ponder how will we be inspired, what new services, new templates, new solutions, and what new buzz words will make the plenary this year. As mapping applications dance in my head I begin to think about how location technology will improve government services this year. What new services can be spatially enabled to benefit your communities and best serve your constituents?

So I thought it might be neat to share my Christmas-like enthusiasm about the UC in the form of a list…a wish list to be exact. These are the five things I’m really hoping to see and experience at the event.


This is an obvious one for me. I always look forward to meeting new people, catching up with old friends, and exploring the Map Gallery to get inspired by the creative work the GIS community creates. With over 15,000 Esri users, and 100 speakers from over 118 counties we are bound to meet some great people. I’m hoping you all make a point to stop by and plug-in at the GISi booth #2417 to introduce yourself and tell me how you are improving government services with GIS.

ArcGIS for Local Government Solutions

To date, there are about 50 maps and apps that support a range of government activities across various departments, such as land records and taxation, public works, facilities management, elections, emergency response, planning and development, and public health. I look forward to learning what new maps and applications will be released from Esri and the rest of the GIS community in Esri’s new Marketplace.

Expanding the Platform

As Esri continues to expand their mapping platform, I hope you explore new methods for delivering new and expanded services to your government users. Whether you are creating new applications leveraging ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS for Server, ArcGIS for Desktop Esri’s mapping platform continues to deliver and improve the ability to explore information from governments.


With the continued move to support mobile devices by State and Local Governments to engage their constituents, save money and allow their workers to access data while in the field, we are hearing requests from our clients that they want editing capability now as well. Because of these request I am eager to explore options for disconnected editing with ArcGIS Online and how it works across the different mobile platforms.

Data, data everywhere

Through ArcGIS online, more data is readily available at your fingertips for analysis and use. There are many options to explore and leverage commercial and community data resources to expand this analysis. At the User Conference, I am anxious to see and learn more about the geo event processor and how it can help our clients understand what data they can push to their citizens to create awareness on improving government services as well as what data can they push to their mobile workers, commissioners and councilman to keep them current and notified? This is an exciting advancement for Esri that I am eager to learn more about.

These are just a few of the things on my list that I’m hoping to get out of the conference. The rest of the UC wish list usually involves things like a complimentary hotel room upgrade, good travel weather for the flight, and no flight delays! But I think it’s safe to say I’m thoroughly excited about this year’s UC and the wishing and pondering has officially begun. I would love to know your thoughts and what you’re hoping to get out of the conference, either from a State and Local Government perspective (my specialty)…or just in general. Feel free to comment below and share your thoughts.

An Esri UC 2013 Wish List for State and Local Gov