Monday Evening Esri UC Lightning Talks from the GISi Crew


One more week until we get to board our planes and head over to beautiful San Diego for the Esri UC. You wouldn’t believe how much planning and preparation we’ve been doing lately just to make everything not only go smoothly (as in our crew shows up and has hotel rooms waiting for them) but also truly special for our clients and the people we hope to meet and network with. One very awesome detail on our list – Lightning Talks. Like lightning, they’re quick…as in 5 minutes quick. But don’t let the name fool you; these short presentations are always jam-packed with GIS awesomeness. For the UC we’ve got three of our own presenting on Monday night. Here’s the run-down:

Topic: Leap Motion

Presenter: Danny Bradshaw

Description: The Leap motion controller is an amazing new device for human computer interaction. Will it be a breakthrough device in web mapping? Time will tell. We'll discuss our experience with this cutting edge device.

Topic: Indoor Navigation

Presenter: Michael Healander

Description: Having trouble finding your way around the conference? We have the app for you. Come see how we built the Esri UC GISi indoor mapping, positioning and navigation mobile app.

Topic: Making Great Maps

Presenter: Jonah Adkins

Description: The session will provide an overview of best practices that can quickly implemented to improve the map creation process, with an emphasis on current trends in design.

So come Monday night and check them out…you definitely won’t want to miss it. Esri UC Lightning talks run from 4:30 – 6:00 at the SDCC, Ballroom 20 D. See you there!

Monday Evening Esri UC Lightning Talks from the GISi Crew