What I Hope to Learn at the Esri UC for Army


By: Ryan Heitz

As we approach the Esri International Users Conference, I’m excited about the development of GIS technology, especially as it relates to further supporting the Army. Specifically, there are several areas where I’m looking to learn and apply some recent developments to Army solutions.

Business Intelligence and System Integration – It is becoming ever easier to integrate geospatial technologies with traditional business intelligence systems. This is allowing users, who seldom interacted with maps or had the capability to visualize their data on a map, to now create their own maps and connect valuable business data to geospatial locations. At the UC I’m hoping to learn how Esri BI technology is supporting the idea of bringing location analytics to organizations. The Army and DoD have a growing number of enterprise business systems built on BI platforms. Now, the challenge is to geo-enable those systems to add GIS to business analytics. I’m hoping the Esri UC will provide insights into the advances with BI integration. In particular, I’m interested in BI for energy management and sustainability.

Asset Management – The Army maintains an enormous number of assets – both fixed and mobile. At the same time we are constantly trying to do more with less - to find ways to more efficiently manage and utilize assets to accomplish diverse missions from military operations, installation support, environmental sustainability, energy management, and supporting training to sustain military readiness. Applying GIS technology to managing fixed and mobile assets is a key application of the technology that can bring efficiencies and return on investment (ROI). I am looking forward to learning how the Mobile Collector, GeoEvent Processor, and Operation Dashboard can be applied inside Army organizations to fuel:

  • Awareness of fixed asset quantities, locations and status
  • “See” where mobile assets are in real-time using the GeoEvent Processor
  • Make it easier to collect the data using the GeoCollector

Collaboration and Sharing Portal – Army always needs to share information more easily. Geospatial information is becoming more ubiquitous. However, the unique security challenges of Army information makes it difficult to implement the tools and capabilities for ArcGIS Online for organizations in the Army. Portal for ArcGIS represents a platform that can be installed securely on premise and help organizations share and collaborate on maps that gives the same features of ArcGIS Online. This makes it easy to share maps, manage geospatial content, and support group work flows, behind the firewall and integrated with the necessary security models.

It is an exciting time in the industry and we are looking forward to the UC and learning about how these advances can be applied to the Army operational and business needs.

What I Hope to Learn at the Esri UC for Army