Last week while attending the Esri User Conference in San Diego we announced the winners of our GIS-Ink.Com campaign.

Theresa and Angela both worked hard in lobbying for your votes and we are very excited that they won! Each has been sent a GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition camera.

fid_9Theresa won the Geographic Ink competition with the art to our left. As part of her winning, she shared a bit more about what the Ink means to her.

"Thanks for voting me the GIS professional with the best industry-related tattoo! There was a lot of tough competition out there. I got my map tattoo after a year of working in the GIS profession, and a lifetime of travel. It reminds me that there is still mystery in the world and an adventure possible at every turn. It also keeps me humble. Mapmakers in the 16th Century thought they knew what was up, but when we look at Age of Discovery maps now, the “errors” and omissions are what we often notice first, rather than the beauty. In this age of GIS, GPS, and maps on smart phones, I think it’s important to remember that there is still so much left to discover."

fid_36Angela won the Industry Ink competition with the art to our right. As a part of her winning, she shared with us the road she traveled to get her ink.

I didn't get a tattoo until I turned 27. I actually got is as a birthday gift from one of most closest friends. I had been tossing around the idea of getting a cherry blossom tree, but I hadn't given it the proper thought. The, when I got a 3 day notice that I had a tattoo session payed for on the day of my birthday, and I need to make up my mind ASAP, I decided that since the idea of the cherry blossom had been with me for more than 4 years, it might as well be ink on my skin for a lifetime.

I have never given it any special meaning. Not to this one, not to the others. And now that I am being asked about the meaning behind my ink, I can only think: nature. It is what prevails in every single one of my tattoos. And being a Geographer, a nature lover, an explorer, I cannot help but relate something so permanent for me to the marvelous forms of nature.

3 years ago and I love it more every day. I truly believe this will always be my favorite one, no matter which ones I get afterwards.

Congratulations to both winners and remember to represent your 'Ink' each day!