Geographic Information Services, Incorporated (GISinc), in support of Esri’s webinar, Digital Transformation: How to get there with ArcGIS, will feature GISinc’s client, Opelika Utilities. The webinar will demonstrate how water organizations can create end-to-end digital solutions, which will enable fast, agile, and responsive performance.

“Opelika’s digital transformation illustrates how far Esri’s ArcGIS platform has come in recent years. Today, organizations can experience this transformation much faster than in previous years. The Opelika story serves as inspiration for the possibilities of applying this technology for immediate return on investment and efficiency gains," Kevin Stewart, Managing Partner, State and Local Governments, GISinc.

Whether you’re giving employees the ability to perform inspections on their phones or identifying “dead meters” before revenue loss hits the bottom line, ArcGIS can make digital transformation a reality for your organization.

“Moving to an Enterprise GIS system could not have been done without the support and insight of GISinc,” Alan Lee, Capital Projects Manager, Opelika Utilities.

Join us this Thursday, November 10th, 2016 to see, first hand, how Opelika Utilities’ digital transformation through location technology is delivering a major return on investment using the Esri ArcGIS platform.


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