Cost Map for Water Utilities enables users to create a quick and reliable construction cost estimate utilizing RSMeans data.

Geographic Information Services, Inc. (GISinc), a premier GIS services firm, introduces Cost Map for Water Utilities. The application is a revolutionary construction cost estimator providing users the ability, for the first time ever, to visualize infrastructure costs on a map.

Cost Map provides a quick and reliable construction cost estimation process through online costing data. This web-based solution from GISinc, integrates RSMeans data from Gordian with Esri’s ArcGIS Platform.

“On behalf of everyone at GISinc, we could not be happier about the release of Cost Map. We are thrilled to be selected by Esri and Gordian to bring visualization of RSMeans data to ESRI’s Utility Data Model. When customers begin using Cost Map they will quickly realize the value and return on their investment through both time savings and data accuracy.” Brad Epker, Chief Revenue Officer, GISinc.

“We are excited to partner with GISinc and Esri to bring RSMeans data from Gordian directly into their GIS system,” stated Allan Bacon, Director New Business Development, Gordian. “We’ve mapped our RSMeans data to ESRI’s Water Utility Data Model, so water utility users can easily select an area on their map to view accurate cost data for new projects or repairs.”

Value to Water Utilities

  • Estimate cost comparisons to complete jobs in current year verses two to three years in the future; thus, helping utilities prioritize where and when they spend their resources
  • Offers dependable construction cost data that is locally relevant, up-to-date and integrated through RSMeans data API
  • Regionalizes construction labor costs for increased accuracy
  • Validate project estimates and compare against different vendors

“Cost Map could single handedly help us improve our grade in the Infrastructure Report Card for America. I may be overly ambitious on this, but it materializes a vision I have had for years integrating state of the art technology with best practice construction costing. By more accurately visualizing infrastructure costs on a map we can optimize total project resources using geospatial analytics. Pricing out material, labor and equipment used to be a laborious task. Cost Map brings this into an efficient and integrated best practice, ultimately allowing us to optimize our infrastructure investment and build a more sustainable future.” - David Totman, Industry Manager, Esri Global Water Practice, President-Elect, Utility Engineering & Surveying Institute, ASCE

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