TEAM “GONE IN 30 SECONDS” Represents

With a bye in the first round and a solid win in the second the GISi Dodgeball Team made it to the final eight! You should have seen Melinda dance!

gisi-dodgeball1The rules changed a little this year. Each match was best of three until the final four then it went to best of five. Even though each game was capped to 3 minutes it is surprising how tired you get. Everyone on our team was instrumental in our success. Melinda, as the token female, drew fire from the opponents while Tommy was picking them off with surprising accuracy. Steve made an amazing catch with a lightning bolt right to his chest. I still don’t know how he held on to that. Danny’s southpaw also caught the other teams off guard several times. Pat’s stealth kept him in the matches, and Ben made a clutch catch to close out our first match, the look on his face told me that he was as surprised as anyone that he caught it.