Aloha, ni hao, namaste, shalom and ¡hola! - or simply said, hello and a warm and respectful welcome to GISi's new weblog.

I know what you're thinking..." just what the world needs, another blog!". And you're right, it seems like everyone has a blog or some type of social media channel they're using to stand on a digital soapbox and share their thoughts with the world. But the amazing thing about blogs (along with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other similar tools), is that it's a big, big world out there. And more noteworthy is that just like my welcome to you using different languages or cultural notions, the GIS world is very diverse. Our industry includes analysts and programmers, project managers and administrators, executives and visionaries (which are not always synonymous!); there are people who use GIS in as many different workflows and markets as you or I could list. The point? At GISi we believe our talented employees likely have a point-of-view to share that will be of interest to someone, somewhere.

What about the name of the blog, "Down to Earth"...what is that all about? Well, it's a play off our company tagline "Let's Get Down to Earth", which describes a few of the personality traits of our company. It also happens to brand the type of content you'll find here. Here are several of those attributes encapsulated in our blog name and our commitment to it's readers:

  • Practical - just as in our solution delivery, we blend business vision and technical wizardry with a healthy dose of pragmatism. Our goal is for the content here to be thought-provoking, interesting and practical.
  • Genuine - We're real people, working on real projects and working through real challenges. Our personality is to be personable, sincere, and honest - about our strengths and our warts. We won't use this as a sales forum and won't "spin" things. We'll just "call 'em like we see 'em".
  • Results-oriented- Great ideas are very cool. Great ideas that are implemented and produce results are much better! While we'll throw in the occasional company announcement, we'll also make sure to share information that is useful and bottom-line oriented.
  • Spatial- "Earth". Get it? We're in the spatial business, this is a spatial blog, and while you might be interested in our views on politics, world events, or life in general, we'll keep this concentrated on spatial topics.

So again, welcome to the GISi blog. We plan to have content on technical and non-technical topics; a little something for everyone. I hope you find it interesting and useful. Please come back frequently to see what we've added. And I invite all the readers to participate. A healthy exchange of ideas or viewpoints is a powerful thing. So use that comment feature and let us know what you think!