Birmingham, Alabama, December 18, 2014 – Esri and MapData Services of Australia have entered into an agreement where they will be Value Added Resellers of the GISi Indoors GeoMetri platform and products. The agreement will mark the first international partner and distributor for GISi Indoors since the division’s launch in 2013. MapData Services has exclusivity to sell and deploy these products in Australia.

With the partnership, MapData Services clients will be able to offer powerful indoor and outdoor mapping, visualization, and analytics to new and existing customers. This will empower organizations to better understand their physical spaces and provide new levels of customer engagement. Clients gain an advantage over their competition by using the technology to understand customer trends as well as their marketing effectiveness. This includes dashboard metrics displaying things like visitor dwell time, new visitors, heat maps and routes, visitor loyalty, conversion rates, and more. The near real-time dashboard runs on desktop, tablets and smartphones. GISi Indoors will customize the analytics system and products to support its business objectives and client needs.

“We are excited to have such a strong partner in Australia", said GISi Indoors Senior Partner Michael Healander. "MapData Services is one of Australia’s most well-known and respected authorities in digital mapping and location-based data. This partnership opens the door to best of breed indoor mapping technologies and authoritative data sets, enabling information to be translated into business insights and commercial opportunities. MapData Services already plays a key role in supporting GISi Indoors international expansion plan.”

Gary Johnson, Esri Australia Manager of Industry Solutions, said: “This technology can be applied wherever people frequent a shared space. It provides invaluable information such as total, unique and return visits, dwell times and draw rates – the types of analytics we have come to take for granted on the net. The technology will enable organizations to gauge how their physical space is used by visitors, such as how the position of walkways, signage and services impact the paths people choose. Decisions about how to tweak, adapt and optimize the space can be made and the effects of these changes monitored and analyzed again.”

MapData Services General Manager Cassandra Barker said the solution’s wide range of applications – including the ability to see interactions in real-time – was one of its key strengths. “The platform is a powerful combination of spatial and statistical engines, yet is designed to be flexible and work seamlessly with existing and emerging technologies. The applications are endless. Hospitals, stadiums, universities, galleries and transport hubs are all spaces in which the way visitors interact with the environment is vital to getting the best out of the facility itself.”

GISi Indoors, a division of GISi, is provides clients with comprehensive expertise around the growing interest in indoor positioning, navigation, and analytics. With the strong belief that location plays a critical part in almost every industry and vertical, GISi Indoors equips businesses with the tools needed to make sense of how their visitors are interacting in physical spaces like hallways, store aisles, and showroom floors – just to name a few.

Rachel Ankersen, Marketing Coordinator, GISi
(205) 941-0442 x 120